Rough and narrow roads full of holes have increased the problems of the displaced in the camps. This led ATAA to pave the main road among the camps that the association is running in the area. The road was 1,500-meter-long, six-meter-wide, and it was finished on the 9th of February after six days of work

     ATAA association oversees the management of nine camps in the area, distributed between Atama, “al-Karama” and “For You” communities, providing services to refugees and displaced people. The opening of this road was beneficial for the residents of more than 50 camps in the area

     While finding a solution to the muddy road has become a major demand for residents, ATAA has begun opening the road, which helps displaced people to avoid other, more rugged side roads. This road connects seven camps the association runs there
More than 20 workers and 25 vehicles worked to level the land, and some displaced people and Atama residents helped with the work. Everybody worked for over five days, for “long” hours, exhausting fatigue during work, but the results were largely satisfactory

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