ATAA Humanitarian Relief Association concluded the project of  sacrificing and distributing sacrifices on the poor and needy which lasted throughout  the days of Eid al-Adha. This project benefited more than 55 thousand families in both Syria and Turkey.

The implementation of this project comes as a part of giving a helping hand and alleviating the suffering of Syrian people, especially under the high costs of living and the difficult economic situation. It also comes to strengthen the solidarity in the Syrian community, and to bring joy to the orphans, the poor and the needy especially those who can only see meat enter their homes during Eids…

Immediately after the Eid prayers, Our teams started off in our different branches and implemented this ritual of the rituals of Allah after preparation and good planning for it. Thanks to Allah, the meat and the shares were delivered with honesty, humanity and dignity to the beneficiaries.

Here, we present our greatest thanks to you for your many efforts. we feel that you shared the smile that you drew on the faces of children and widows whom we brought meat to, and that you lived with us the joy and happiness that you have brought to the hearts of many people in need in these virtuous days.


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