Lobna has got her bicycle as a present from her father on her third birthday, and she stayed in her village in Idleb countryside witnessing the crucial war in Syria until she was five years old where she had to flee due to the escalation in that area.
Lobna’s family were forced to leave their home and head to the camps, taking with them their most valuable items, for lobna it was of course her precious bicycle, although she knew the trip will be hard and when she reach the camp she will not find a playground or a paved street to drive her bicycle but she did not leave it behind. Lobna Knew that this bicycle will be her only companion in her new destination, she holds to it all the way there but only the front wheel made it to the camp.
Lobna’s passion for her bike continues in north Idleb camps, she is challenging the unpaved moody streets and driving her bike to live like she wants. ” I can drive it as a professional even if there nothing much left of it” Lobna says.

The number of displaced people reached 300,000 in only December 2019, due to the escalation of the barbaric bombing targeting civilians everywhere in Maarat al-Numan, the majority of whom are children and women whose fate is uncertain and are denied of their basic rights which put their lives and future at huge risk.

It is clear that the international community is being careless about the continuing violations of humanitarian and International laws as the Humanitarian Law, that obliges all states parties, to protect the civilian population, women and children from targeting in the armed conflicts areas.

People in #Idlib need us to spread the word so the whole world bears witness and so decision-makers are held responsible for ending this humanitarian catastrophe.