Sami has a great loving mother who understands his feelings towards the tangible creatures whether it’s human or material. For this reason, she dresses the break in Sami’s little pink chair like she dresses the wounds of her four amazing children. Actually, her attentive caring and mindful attention covers also all the precious items close to the heat of her children. She sets an example for them that harm shall not be done to anyone or anything, in addition to the importance of care and attention in life, and the difference it creates in the life of a human.
With such a spirit, Sami grew up in his home in the suburb of Hama, where he used to sit on his beautiful little pink chair in the fabulous family’s garden, famous for its jasmines and roses in the whole village. However, little Sami along with his family was forced to leave his home one day in the midst of 2019 due to the heavy continued shelling and indiscriminate horrible bombing on his village. Unfortunately, the family was bound to leave its home within an hour. This house has a long history with Sami’s grandparents and his parents who spent decades building it and expanding it, where each brick was carried with love and care. Regrettably, and similar to the fate of thousands of Syrian families, Sami’s family didn’t have the chance to choose what they want to take away with them in this long endless and painful journey, or even to pay a proper farewell to this house that was considered once to be a paradise, but turned into a risk and a threat to their life with the beginning of this merciless appalling military attack by Assad regime and its supporters. In this midst of the series of heartbreaking events, Sami’s family chose this little pink chair as priority to take it with them in the unknown journey.
For Sami and his family, this little chair carries a lot of precious stories and cherished memories. His mom explained to us its importance by saying: “this chair is the most importance piece in the house because it accompanied Sami in his first steps of learning to walk until mastering it and running.” For this reason, there had been an implicit consensus in the family on taking this chair and it was on the top of our list. Through this arduous journey, this little chair has one of its part broken. But Mom hurried up to dress its wound and fixed it as it was before in order not sadden Sami and cheer him up in the middle of this gloomy camp.
In fact, Sami’s parents took with them their favorite colorful chairs with the hope to retrieve some of the old beautiful memories and in attempt to familiarize their children with their new home which became one of the camps of Deir Hassan on the long Syrian – Turkish borders, and where the green wonderful garden of their old house turned into a muddy puddles.

The number of displaced people reached 380,000, only from December 2019 to the first half of January 2020, due to the escalation of the barbaric bombing targeting civilians everywhere in Maarat al-Numan, the majority of whom are children and women whose fate is uncertain and are denied of their basic rights which put their lives and future at huge risk.

The Humanitarian Law obliges all states parties, to protect the civilian population, women and children from targeting in the armed conflicts areas.

People in #Idlib need us to spread the word so the whole world bears witness and so decision-makers are held responsible for ending this humanitarian catastrophe.