ATAA Humanitarian Relief Association announced the start of work in the Vocational Institute in Qah area near Atama camps in the North of Syria. The institute aims to provide training and rehabilitation opportunities for the Syrian youth in various professions and trades and that would enable them to enter the labor market professionally.

The institute, which was established with funding from Spark Organization and from Sheikh Abdullah Al-Nouri Association, offers eleven specialties and professions, in which young people are practically trained using high-quality tools and equipment that have been acquired especially for the Institute’s use.

According to the project’s coordinator, Burhan Bayazid, this project targets unemployed young people who were unable to complete their university education, and it seeks to contribute to increasing and raising the economic income in the north of Syria, and changing the status of families who are dependent on the provided aid to become productive families in the society.

Bayazid pointed out the importance of the project in terms of personal development, as it contributes to increasing young people’s self-confidence, building their capabilities, and directing them towards starting their own projects in the profession that they have learned.

The project focuses on young people between the ages of 16 and 35, and the number of trained students in the institute’s first year will reach 352 trainees, the period for one training course ranges between three months to six months depending on the specialization, and during this course, students get theoretical training in the profession of their choice, with focus on the practical aspect that is applied to the equipment, supplies and techniques needed to train for any profession or trade.

The admission of trainees is done by registering applications through an electronic link that is announced before the start of each training year, and the acceptance of the trainees is done according to several criteria including age, study level, and the number of family members, taking into account the priority of orphans, people with special needs, and the people who need to provide for their family.

The institute offers the trainees a monthly grant of forty dollars, to help them continue learning and alleviate the economic challenges that they live in. The students receives this grant upon completion of an attendance rate of 90% of the classes and training sessions of the month, and after the trainer confirms their active attendance in the classroom.

The courses offered by the institute include the following specializations: Electricity installations, plumbing installations, electricity maintenance, motorcycle maintenance, smartphone maintenance, computer maintenance, confectionery and pastry, hairdressing for men and women, motor winding, solar energy maintenance and installation.

During their training period, trainees receive supportive side courses in leadership, management, life skills and psychosocial support, in addition to many recreational and sports activities.

Currently, the institute carries out its theoretical lessons through distance education due to the spread of Coronavirus, while students come to the institute to do their practical training, taking into account all public safety standards to prevent the spread of the virus.

It is worth mentioning that ATAA Association has been operating since 2013, and it is implementing many sustainable development projects and relief projects in the North of Syria, targeting the community through Arab and international donors.

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