The works of installing pre-fabricated residential units have started in the area of ATAA camps in the city of Jarablus on the Syrian-Turkish borders, aiming to accommodate 180 Syrian families who had been displaced to the city.


According to the project’s official, Nizar Bustani, the project targets the families who need housing the most, and those who don’t have a proper shelter, in order for them to keep their dignity and to protect them from the hard weather conditions in summer and winter. These pre-fabricated pre-made residential units were well prepared in Sweden, funded by the United Nations Humanitarian Fund.


Al-Bustani pointed out that this camp will be equipped with good standards that are appropriate for a decent life, like leveling the ground and laying it with gravel, in addition to preparing the necessary infrastructure and building a sewage system that would suit the annual amounts of rainfall in the region. Also, special protection fences will be built around the camp, sewage pits will be constructed and the floor of the tents will be isolated internally and externally.


Moreover, all basic services will be provided to the camp inhabitants including a market, a big garden that will be in the middle of the camp and also a school inside the camp with special spaces for child protection activities. Also, a number of food baskets and sanitation baskets will be distributed on the families who will live in the camp.


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