At the beginning of the week, Fursan al-Bayan literary competition was launched as a first of its kind in the Turkish Republic.

It is aimed at Arabic-speaking boys and adolescents, and it was jointly organized by several Arab and Turkish bodies, namely the Istanbul Academy language school, the Palestine House for Poetry and Culture of Return, ATAA Humanitarian Relief Association, and the Meserrat Foundation for Humanitarian care and development.




In its first edition, the competition is aimed at young people in two age groups, the first from the ages of 13 to 15, and the second from the ages of 16 to 18. It is a condition for participations to be within the topics defined by the Supreme Committee of the competition, namely homeland, asylum and the Arabic language. Also, one specific topic area was allocated to Turkey, the country of Justice, Peace and Progress, according to the announcement published on the competition platforms on social media.



“Fursan al-Bayan” aims to launch special platforms for young creative people. It aims to discover promising talents and help them to develop, and it takes care of their literary pens and helps them to develop, in addition to affirming the Homeland value and place in the souls, taking care of the Arabic language and strengthening its presence in the new generations.



The competition continues to receive new participations until the tenth of next November, after which the entries will be evaluated by two specialized jury committees, one of which is in the field of writing short stories, and the second jury will evaluate poetic recitation skills, in which participation will be available by sending a video of the participant while he performs the selected poem.



The competition is supposed to conclude all of its stages on the eighteenth of December of this year, which is the date of “the International Day of Arabic Language”, where the winners of the first three places in each field of each age group will be announced, within the celebrations of this occasion.