ATAA Humanitarian Relief Association provides its health services to thousands of displaced people in the camps of Atama and Sarmada in Northern Syria on a daily basis. This is provided through the special medical infirmary equipped with the latest medical tools and equipment.


The Association established its medical infirmary within the services of ATAA residential community since its establishment in 2015, and this infirmary receives more than 370 patients every day, including children, women and elderly people, and it provides health services within five different clinics, which are the children’s clinic, the general clinic, the urinary clinic, the internal medicine clinic, the women’s clinic.


In addition to that, there is a laboratory for doing medical tests, a pharmacy, and a center specialized in x-ray. The infirmary also provides periodic vaccination services.


The infirmary was established with funding from the International Islamic Relief Organization (SRD) and the World Health Organization (WHO), with the aim of providing health care to the residents of the region and to displaced people, receiving emergency cases, and providing job opportunities for medical personnel. Also it aims at alleviating the shortage in the health sector in Northern Syria. That shortage which occurred because a large number of medical centers and points were targeted by air strikes during these previous years.


The director of this infirmary, Nidal Al-Aroor, indicated that the infirmary has taken all preventive measures since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic in order to limit the spread of the virus, and he noted that tents have been set up outside the infirmary to separate patients suspected of being infected, in order to be isolated in a designated place and to ensure that they do not come into contact with other patients.


Also, he noted that all patients get examined before entering the center and that social distancing is maintained among patients and waiting areas were expanded to prevent crowding inside the infirmary.


It is worth mentioning that ATAA Association pays special attention to the medical sector since it’s been established. For that reason, it has established many medical centers, in addition to mobile clinics that roam around the camps that can’t reach medical services, to provide them with these services for free in their places.

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