Ataa Association for Humanitarian Relief opened yesterday, Wednesday, Tayba school for Syrian students in the Al Ayyubiya region in the state of Urfa, south of Turkey, supported by Kuwaiti Sheikh Abdullah Al-Nouri Association.



The opening ceremony was attended by a number of Turkish officials, including the governor of Urfa, Mr. Abdullah Erin, and the delegation of Al-Nouri Association represented by its president, Mr. Jamal Al-Nuri, and its general manager, Walid Al-Saif.

On behalf of Ataa Association, its Board Chairman, Mr. Marwan Al-Abdullah, the Director of Education and Social Affairs, Mr. Abdulrahman Al-Shardoub, and the Director of Ataa’s Office in the State of Urfa, Mr. Osama Al-Shaidoun attended the ceremony, as well as representatives of Kuwaiti, Syrian and Turkish charitable organizations.

In the opening speech, Mr. Abdurrahman al-Shardoub, Director of Education and Social Affairs at Ataa Association, thanked Turkey for hosting the Syrian refugees and for the great humanitarian services provided to them, the most important of which was the education sector in which the Syrian students were embraced.

He also thanked Kuwait and Sheikh Abdullah Al-Nouri Association for their support and standing by the displaced Syrians in northern Syria and southern Turkey, after the efforts they made to the Syrian people in this ordeal, by providing multiple relief aid, on top of which is support for education and the establishment of schools in both Turkey and the Syrian interior.

Mr. Al-Shardoub stressed the important and significant role that Ataa Association plays in cooperation with the Turkish state of Urfa with the support of Kuwaiti humanitarian societies in building and restoring schools in the areas of Peace Spring, Al-Bab City, and Jarablus. And that the basis for its support for education is its belief in the importance of the education mission and its role in making and building the generations, adding that the opening of the school was within the framework of the educational projects that the association carries out in Turkey that are intended for Syrian refugees.

Al-Shardoub noted that there are two schools that the association will open in the coming period, one of which is professional and the other is elementary, while Taiba school is for the middle stage that consists of 24 classrooms and administrative rooms distributed over four floors with a total area of 3 thousand square meters and accommodates 800 students.

He also pointed out that creating minds and raising generations is an honor and a dignity, whether it is for the teacher, the director, the supporting organizations, or the state that sponsors such projects.

For his part, Mr. Jamal Al-Nouri, Chairman of the Board of Sheikh Abdullah Al-Nouri Association, in a speech delivered during the opening ceremony of Taiba School, thanked the Turkish government and Ataa Association for their contribution to building the school and wished that these activities would continue increasingly.

Mr. Al-Nouri noted that the late Emir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad, may God have mercy on him, the Kuwaiti government and all civil societies had a role to relief the suffering of the Syrians and the difficulties they had gone through since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, where the State of Kuwait hosted the donors ’conference on the Syrian crisis on three occasions, and donated for Relief for the Syrian people.

Al-Nouri emphasized that Sheikh Abdullah Al-Nouri Association, since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, focused on relief projects such as distributing food baskets, tents, and medical support. And with the continuous suffering of Syrians, the association was keen to support educational projects, sponsor students, and build and restore schools.

In his turn, Abdullah Erin, the governor of the Turkish city of Shanlıurfa, in his speech during the opening ceremony of the school, thanked Sheikh Abdullah Al-Nouri Association and Ataa Association for Humanitarian Relief for their contribution to building schools in the state of Shanlıurfa.

Mr. Erin stressed that Turkey did not remain silent on what happened in Syria, but rather hastened to give a hand from the first day of the occurrence of the events there.

The governor of the city of Shanlıurfa said, “We saw the terrorist organizations in the Peace Spring and Olive Branch region, leaving behind many problems that prevented the implementation of local services.

They made electricity inoperable, damaged, burned and destroyed water utilities that were flowing to civilians, destroyed hospitals with bombs. They left destroying streets and roads behind them, leaving schools and other public service facilities in ruins.

He continued, “We, in turn, will remove the effects of destruction from service institutions so that they can once again stand on their feet and provide services in a civilized manner to society for the sake of the country’s development.”

At the end of his speech, Mr. Erin referred to the great support that Kuwaiti organizations give to the Syrians in the state, he stressed too, on the depth of the relationship and friendship between Turkey and the State of Kuwait and the urgent need to build more schools to accommodate the largest number of refugee students in the state of Urfa.

At the end of the event, the opening ribbon was cut in the presence of the Wali of Shanlıurfa, members of Sheikh Abdullah Al-Nouri Association and Ataa Association, and a large gathering of attendees.