Ataa Humanitarian Relief association launched a convoy of relief aid for the displaced Syrians in northern Syria, provided by the (Merciful Souls Association) residents of the towns and cities of the 1948 Palestinian interior . The convoy consists of ten trucks of various humanitarian aid.


The coordinator of the winter campaign in Ataa Association Mr. Usama Abazid said that about ten thousand beneficiaries of the displaced people in northern Syria will benefit from the relief convoy, which came to alleviate the suffering of the displaced people, especially after the bitter winter that swept through the camp areas.

Mr. Abazid explained that the aid convoy included a number of urgent relief items such as stoves, blankets, winter clothes, heating fuel, food baskets, and tents, in addition to insulation materials, pointing out that there are about 2.7 million people in northern Syria who face challenges and difficulties in winter season.

He pointed out that Ataa, in cooperation with the Merciful Souls Association, has conducted three relief convoys for the displaced Syrians since the start of the winter campaign for the year 2020, with a total of 25 aid trucks benefiting nearly 50,000 people, while work is still ongoing to distribute relief aid to the most needy beneficiaries in the camps of northern Syria.

he stressed the Association’s care to search the most in need areas, in order to enable the affected camp residents to obtain basic non-food items to reduce their vulnerabilities during harsh weather conditions.

Since its establishment in 2013 AD, Ataa Association has been seeking to provide winter relief supplies, especially for women and children, in its winter campaigns in order to alleviate the suffering of the displaced people in this season, which often comes very cold in northern Syria and southern Turkey.