Ataa Association for Humanitarian Relief began distributing the issue 21 of Ataa magazine, in northern Syria and several Turkish states, and it is an educational, cultural, and scientific magazine, which is issued periodically in paper and electronic versions. It targets children and adolescents in Syria and Turkey.

In every issue, the magazine is keen on the diversity of the contents covered by the main figures in the magazine, and the presence of many scientific, literary and  general information corners with the aim of enriching the scientific stock of the target group of children and adolescents, in a way that motivate them to read and learn, and develop their scientific and literary tendencies from childhood in order to contribute to the development and use of their energies in the best possible way.

The magazine aims to contribute to the education of children and adolescents, giving them knowledge and different values, and building the personality of the positive child that is open to society and linked to his history, civilization and language, and striving to provision, love and giving. In addition to developing the child’s culture in various aspects of life through literary, scientific and visual knowledge and providing him with creative, intellectual and mobile skills , and paying attention to the psychological aspect of the child by presenting his problems and discussing their causes in a smooth and age-appropriate manner, by publishing interesting, entertaining and purposeful materials.

“Ataa Magazine” has been published on a quarterly basis since 2015 until now, and distributed in each issue 40 thousand copies to children and adolescents in both northern Syria and Turkey. Since its launch, more than eight hundred thousand copies of its twenty-first issues have been distributed.

In each issue, the magazine devoted a corner to “Baraem Ataa” addressed to the magazine’s young friends from the early childhood category, and a special story presented to children in both Arabic and Turkish languages to work on promoting the integration of Arab children residing in Turkey, and the magazine is keen in every issue to provide psychological and educational counseling to its readers through The corner of “Huda Oasis”..

It is noteworthy that Ataa Association for Humanitarian Relief pays special attention to the education and protection sectors since its establishment, and for this it has launched several projects directed at children inside Syria and refugees in Turkey.