Finally, the first batch of students graduated after spending 6 months of constant and comprehensive theoretical and practical lessons equipped with skills and professions enabling them to be productive members in their communities as well as to increase their living income.

The students got their graduation certificates after they finished and passed the written and oral test designed according to the 11 professions in the project with the support of a very well-qualified technical staff, the professions provided were as follows:
1) Electrical Installation
2) Plumbing Installation
3) Household Electrical Equipment Maintenance.
4) Motorcycle Maintenance
5) Smartphones Maintenance
6) Computer Maintenance
7) Pastry Chief
8) Barber Shop
9) Hairdresser/ women
10) Winding Engines
11) Solar power Installation and Maintenance

We can say that during the harsh and difficult living conditions of these students in northern Syria, their dreams have been come true and achieved in ATAA Vocational Institute.

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