Ataa Association for Humanitarian Relief launched a series project to support vegetable farmers in “Sahl Al-Roj”, affiliated to Idlib Governorate, to support farmers’ food security and increase agricultural production. Protect and construct the productive assets, restore and establish the income-generating activities for the benefit of affected farmers, and the project will benefit more than 150 farmers.

According to its coordinator “Safwan Hayek”, the vegetable project aims to support the value chain for vegetable production and to enhance food security, in addition to support marketing and food processing, and promoting self-reliance and creating job opportunities for those affected by the Syrian conflict as a step on the road to development to achieve food security in northern Syria.


The project includes several phases, the most important of which are subsidizing agricultural inputs, distributing seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides, and extending the drip irrigation network to cultivate four dunams of each farmer. The project also provides guidance training to farmers on how to set and prepare food industries, especially food supplies, and provide them with financial grants that help them earn their livelihood and achieve a sustainable source of income for them.

Mr. Al-Hayek stressed the importance of the project as it will contribute to supplying summer vegetables in the local markets as part of enhancing food security and livelihoods, in addition to building a popular market for the sale and marketing of vegetables and foodstuff products. In order to create an integrated market in which the citizen finds what he needs from foodstuffs, support the food industries and provide grants for the beneficiaries to start their small income-generating projects, and the project will also contribute to create a popular market for selling.


It is noteworthy that Ataa Association for Humanitarian Relief pays special attention to the agricultural sector since its establishment, and has launched many projects aimed at the displaced and their hosts inside Syria.