Free bread subsidy project

5346182$ / 5346182$

Number of beneficiaries : 143484

The location of the project : مخيمات وقرى وبلدات الشمال السوري


The project is based on the idea of providing free bread for the most vulnerable families in the Syrian society, as the bread is considered the most important food element in the life of the Syrian family, and the project was designed due to the large displacement and the urgent need to provide bread for a large number of displaced persons and residents in our work areas and the inability of these families to get their food needs, especially bread, under difficult living and economic conditions, especially after the changes in the exchange rate of the Syrian currency, the lack of job opportunities and the state of extreme poverty experienced by society in light of the health crisis afflicting the liberated areas. With your help for us, we seek in "Ataa Association", to provide even a piece of bread for these needy and poor families.

The Goal

The project aims to alleviate the suffering of the most vulnerable families in northwestern Syria and improve the living conditions of displaced and resident families affected by the Corona virus and the frequent displacement due to the Assad forces' attacks on the liberated areas by providing basic food for these families

Project photos