Mobile Clinics Project

12000$ / 12000$

Number of beneficiaries : 3000

The location of the project : Sarmada city, random camps in northern Syria


Mobile clinics are spreading in the north of Syria in light of the limited capabilities of the medical sector and the acute shortage of basic health services. Mobile medical clinics in northern Syria include doctors, pharmacists, nurses, and medical and medicinal supplies to provide medical advice, nutrition, drug treatment and community awareness services, in addition to referring serious and difficult cases to centers and hospitals capable of treating them. In some areas and camps, people have been waiting impatiently for the Ataa mobile clinic, because they consider it their best way to receive medical services, especially pregnant women, children suffering from malnutrition, and people with chronic diseases, as the number of beneficiaries of the mobile clinic services reached more than 3000 patients per month in various classes (women, children, men). The monthly operating cost: $ 4000 per clinic.

The Goal

The mobile clinics project aims to provide medical services and health care to the displaced in northern Syria, as well as those residing in remote areas, as a result of the large spread of camps and the lack of hospitals and the far distance , in most cases, of the medical clinics and hospitals and the difficulty and cost of transportation, so the option of a mobile clinic is the most effective for these areas where money and effort are saved on the displaced and those living in camps and remote areas.

Project photos