Olive Value Chain Support Project

20000$ / 20.000$

Number of beneficiaries : 3000

The location of the project : City of Salqin in northern Syria


The blessed olive tree is considered a constant source of income for farmers in northern Syria as well as for the displaced people through their work in olive farms, which will help the population improve their food security, especially since the nutritional value of olive oil is considered high. Ataa Association provides financial vouchers to support the olive press after harvesting, and to support its marketing and sale by buying bottles of oil from each farmer at a subsidized price and presenting it to needy families within the association's other projects.

The Goal

The olive value chain support project aims at the steadfastness of the displaced and the people of the region, by saving the harvest costs and selling the crop as fruits, and providing temporary job opportunities for the displaced during the olive harvest season

Project photos