Jarablus residential village project

2883412$ / 3000000$

Number of beneficiaries : 2755

The location of the project : مدينة جرابلس شمال سوريا


These projects are considered a demand of the displaced, as they constitute sustainable solutions that provide dignity and protection, as well as all the basic services they need from infrastructure (electricity - water - sanitation), education, and others. What the displaced is looking for at the beginning of his displacement is a roof that shelters his family and preserves his dignity, even if only temporarily, and these projects meet the need and unfortunately it is the dream of every displaced person to have a house that respects his human dignity and contains all necessary services.

The Goal

The Third Ataa Residential Project aims to support the affected Syrian community in the city of Jarablus (northwestern Syria), as Ataa Association for Humanitarian Relief designed the residential village project to secure the needs in the shelter sector as a more sustainable solution by focusing on sustainable housing solutions to reduce the social and psychological impacts of the tent residents by working to establish model villages and begin forming foundations for future social housing in northern Syria.

Project photos