Orphan sponsorship project

293700$ / 293700$

Number of beneficiaries : 5874

The location of the project : Deir Hassan camps, the western countryside of Aleppo


Providing a monthly cash donation for orphans with the aim of caring for and developing them through an integrated system of living and educational care. There are more than 170 million orphans around the world who share one suffering, whatever its reason . The orphan lost one or both of his parents, and was left to face life's difficulties with small hands, to find himself a victim of exploitation or crime. With your help for us, we in the Ataa Association seek to compensate this orphan child - as possible - for depriving him of the tenderness of the father or mother. Because the loss of parents at this age leaves its effects on a person throughout his life and on the society in which he lives, especially if the orphan child does not find smiles and hands support him. It is neither strange nor surprising that our true religion is given a special status to care for orphans. How not and this religion has come as a mercy to the worlds. How not when it was narrated on the authority of our noble Messenger, peace blessings and be upon him, which is the gifted mercy, that he promised the sponsor of the orphan to accompany him in heaven, for the majesty and elevation of this status with God. He also advised one of his companions, who complained to him of the cruelty of his heart, so the Prophet of Mercy said to him: “Would you like to soften your heart and realize your need ? Have mercy on the orphan, wipe his head and feed him with your food, your heart softens and you get your need.

The Goal

The project aims to develop orphans through an integrated system of social, health, educational and psychological support within their families, in addition to providing an appropriate environment in which orphans can have a healthy upbringing, and orphan sponsorship plays an important role in building society and reducing pests, such as family disintegration and delinquency. Its effects on the sponsor and the sponsored alike are evident in several aspects, including religious, social and economic.

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